Sell tickets for your event

If you want to increase the reach of your ticket sales beyond the Capel boundaries, the Capel Box Office can be excellent method to attract visitors from further afield. Your event will be listed on our event calendar and thus will automatically be available in Google and Bing Searches as well as in our FaceBook shop. Also we will post links on our own Facebook page to draw attention.

You will determine the message and any pictures that need to be shown with your event, including a telephone number for any enquiries. You will determine the moment that they go on sale and the time  that your Box Office sales close. Ticket sales are ONLY on line. We don’t take telephone calls to book tickets manually.

If you wish to manually sell your tickets we can provide you with a code for the Box Office website that will enable you to book and print tickets on behalf of others without being charged. You can take the money in cash but thus still keep a tally of all tickets sold through the Box Office site.  Remember that you will have to make arrangements for getting the tickets to the person who paid you. Either by printing them and have them collected at the entrance or by sending them the ticket link by email.

The Capel Box Office fees amount to a flat fee of 10p for every ticket sold or booked through the website. On top of that there are Stripe charges of around 1.75% (depends slightly on the transaction amount). We will accrue the money in our account and will transfer to your nominated bank account after the event ticket sales close. You will receive a detailed breakdown of ticket sales and charges.

In addition we can run Facebook (or other promotions) that boost the visibility of your event on social media. Prices vary so please contact us for details.

Contact us here with any enquiries. We look forward to helping.