Blues in the Garden – Day 2: The British Bluescasting Corporation


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With their album ‘High Horse’ now out for a few months, and having received high praise from across the globe the BBC will play their’ home town’ once again.

Good time rhythm ‘n’ blues that (whether intended or otherwise) champions the heyday of The Count Bishops, Roogalator and The Pirates. Bob Cranham, Ben Keen, Dave Williamson and Barry Cook have, in their words, “been around a bit” and it shows in the tight-as-a-nut playing and accomplished song writing chops: ‘Today Was Made For You And Me’ echoes Nick Lowe, there’s some jazzy touches to ‘Indecision’, the playful ‘Not A Day For Playing The Blues’ rolls out a tight, compact Knopfler-esque solo and ‘Country Cousins’ twists and jumps like a hoedown Hank Wangford.

Don’t miss them!

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Date: 28 August 2022

Start time: 15:00

Venue: The Crown Inn, Capel